Since 2013 Gabrielė Labanauskaitė has been an active member of the “Creative Partnerships Programme”. It focuses on the development of the long-term partnerships between schools and creative professionals, including artists, designers, architects and scientists. These partnerships explore the inspiring ways for pupils to learn and develop their creativity. Also this programme helps teachers and creative professionals to challenge how they work, explore new ideas and create the engaging learning process.



From 2011 “Creative Partnerships” involved over 138 schools and 9000 pupils across Lithuania. In Lithuania this programme is implemented upon the experience of the ”Creative Partnerships Programme” in the United Kingdom, which has been running for eight years and has included more than 1 million pupils. Back in 2011 the programme received the “World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE)” award for a significant impact on the practice of innovation in the field of education.

Since 2014 autumn 27 schools have been a part of the project “Creative Partnerships Programme”. In addition, this programme has attracted attention and was joined by 6 social centres.

More information about the project www.kurybinespartnerystes.en