Do I have to be an experienced writer to take the course?
Anyone and everyone can participate in writing courses. It does not require special preparation or special skills.

Can I gift the course to another person?
Creativity is a great gift not only to yourself but also to others. The course can be gifted to another person. A gift voucher is being prepared, which must be used within one year from the day of its purchase.

Is it possible to pay for the course in installments?
Normally, the full course fee is paid for the course, which must be paid no later than one week before the start of the course. If necessary and agreed in advance, payment can be made in installments, but the last payment must be made before the start of the course.

Will I receive the video if I can’t attend the course meeting?
Yes, you will be able to view the video when the course is held remotely and you are not able to participate in it.

Can I not attend a single session of the course and only watch the videos, study on my own?

Yes, you can. If you decide not to attend any of the sessions and just watch the videos, it is important to let us know this in advance when purchasing the course. In this case, you can independently, at your own pace, view the videos after each session, and at the end of the course, like other participants you will receive personal feedback for a certain number of pages.

Should those participating in the family book creation and publishing course communicate with publishers themselves?
Editing and publishing of the family book manuscript is the responsibility of the course participant. If necessary, you can contact the course leader Gabriele Labanauskaitė for individual consultations. Design and layout issues can also be resolved in individual consultations with our design and layout specialist.

What is the scope of the Family Book Creation and Publishing Course Family Book?
The volume of the book depends on the participant, e.g. pages 20-40 or something

Is the family book design and publishing course only for writing about family?
The content of the book can be created according to your wishes and needs. It can be any group of people dear to you, whose history you want to immortalize – friends, relatives, loved ones.

Can several family members living in different countries participate in the family book creation and publishing course?
Of course, there is such a possibility. Assignments can be shared and a joint book can be created, only each participant should pay a separate course fee.

Can the company pay for my courses and is the company invoiced in this case?

Yes, the company can pay for the courses. In this case, the company will be invoiced.

What size groups usually participate in IŠ TYLOS writing courses?

Personal attention to each participant and a cozy atmosphere are important to us, so usually up to 12 people create and write in our course groups.

Will the course happen if there are not enough participants?
If less than half of the participants needed for the course do not gather, the course does not take place and is postponed to a later time. Participants are always informed of all changes and are given the opportunity to choose.

Do course participants get a refund if the course does not take place?
If such a situation occurs and the participant has already paid for participation, it is possible to keep the paid amount for the same course held in the future or get it back. If other times and dates do not suit the participant, the fee is refunded (if the rescheduling is due to the fault of the organizers).

How is the situation resolved if there is less than a week left before the start of the course and the participant decides not to participate in the course?
If the participant himself/herself decided not to participate in the course and reported this less than a week before the start of the course, the participation fee is not refunded. If the participant informs about such a decision earlier (more than a week before the start of the course), the fee is refunded.

After completing the course, can the participants receive a document certifying that?

Yes, after completing the course, the participants receive a diploma certifying the successful completion of the course and the academic hours studied.

If you have additional questions, you are always welcome to contact: [email protected] or +37065784389 (Martyna)