Red Silk Evil



When I met you, a red silk evil obsessed me.
He told me: it’s nice, but paradise apples gonna melt
As soon, as you taste it.
He told me, it’s too nice – this beauty will cost you
Pulsing insomnia.
He told me, kick her, bite her, run away from her, beat her, smash her,
Provoke, pretend, don’t give up, offence is defence.
He told me, play, enjoy, the goal is the process.
He told me, even if you fall down, all wounds will be healed.
He told me, I am the red silk, everyone will slide down me,
I’ll stay untouched.

When I got angry at you, thinking that you wanted to run away earlier,
Evil put a red lipstick into one hand, that you wouldn’t be touching my lips
And into another hand he put a toothbrush – just in case, if I would like
To stab you next morning.
When you have left, red evil lighted a chocolate cigarillo with his one hand and
poured wine into the glass with another.

Oh, this red silk evil!
Oh, this red silk evil, who obsessed me after I’ve met you.
Oh, this red silk evil, who obsessed me before I’ve met you!

Dream Poem No. 3



Let’s build a tent in the yard.
Let’s occupy the territories.
Let’s share it.
Let’s built the towers of sand,

Let’s destroy it together.
If we play, we play,
If we lose, we lose,
If we win, we win.

Occupying each other
Doesn’t need many agreements –
If I’ll take half of your heart
Another half is still free
For old gardening habits.
If we play, we win,
If we win, we lose,
If we lose, we play.

We do remember by heart
What does it mean
To cut the lands as slices of bread
For so many mouths
All of them are hungry and thirsty.
If we play, we lose,
If we lose, we play,
If we play, we win.

Tower of Melancholy



I live in a high tower of melancholy right now
At 6 am I just opened my window in order to see
If there is some sign from you and I found one.

There was a giant black horse in the velvet of water
Its figure appearing more clear sculptured by every wave
It was so gorgeous and beautiful until it started to
Transform into some beast with beech muzzle
And I closed my window.

I went to the writing desk, which was in the morning
Shadow and sat down in a mysterious mood for writing
But then all the table appeared to be present by
All illuminating light – I turned my head back to the sea
It was a big fire ball, flying inside through the window.

I screamed your name.
And woke up.