Monologues, Dialogues and Polylogues



These creative writing courses for the advanced level individuals are focused on the language of the characters talk. Direct and internal conversations help a reader to understand a character and its world better. In addition, talking characters bring the vitality and intensity to any kindof story. This kind of course covering the principles of building monologues, dialogues and polylogues between and within the characters requires for different kind of mastery. It is possible to develop such skills without being a playwriter or screenwriter.

Timothy L BrockPhotography: Timothy L Brock

Gabrielė Labanauskaitė seeks to introduce the group to the techniques of building up the monologue, dialogue and polylogue. It is important to make the characters talk and learn to expose their traits and disclose individual stories through conversations with itself and others.

Duration: 20 academic hours


      • to renew and complement the knowledge of the narrative structure and development of characters;
      • to study the main principles of creating a monologue, to understand its functions and possibilities;
      • to analyze the principles of dialogue construction, its functions and possibilities;
      • to explore a dialogue as one of the narration methods;
      • to create dialogues and dialogue-based writing;
      • to discuss the polyphonics of polylogue and its structural possibilities;
      • to write and cultivate the fantasy in the most playful way;
      • to establish a relationship with other creative members of a group;
      • to discuss recently gained knowledge and share the work written during the course.



      • how to come up with a lively dialogue?
      • how to disclose the inner world of every character through conversation?
      • how to use the language to reinstate a certain action?
      • how to create a dynamic, breath-taking conversation?
      • how to regulate the pace of the narrative through the conversation?



      • introduction, repetition of the theory of narrative structure and character development, equalization of the information;
      • the principles of creating a monologue, its functions and possibilities, creative writing tasks and exercises;
      • the methods of making a dialogue work, its functions and possibilities, creative writing tasks and exercises;
      • the polyphonics of polylogue, its structural possibilities, creative writing task and exercises;
      • evaluation of the course, discussion, share of the creative work with the group mates.


Organizers of creative writing courses maintain a right to change the curriculum.


Dates of the upcoming courses and additional information can be received by email [email protected]or found on social media pageIŠ TYLOS




When you stood up wearing skinny jeans
And white converses
Your black hair was falling down
Onto concrete floor of contemporary art center
Maybe it was just a shadow of it
But I already knew you –
You’ve come from disappearing country
You’ve come from disappearing tribe
Constantly witnessing decay.

We were also almost disappearing from each others’ sight
In the dusk of gallery hall,
But then you asked somebody to turn on the light,
Because you won’t see more these faces in front of you, –
That was your explanation.
My face was one among those faces
And maybe I could be almost deleted from your memory files,
But somebody turned on the light
And the table to where I was sitting was illuminated first.
I am placed at your palm, my future lover.

You are reading poetry about hands –
How do the same hands might be Nightingales,
And the same hands can be a gun trigger pushers,
How the same hands born a wish to feed somebody
And the same hands born a wish to kill somebody.
I am also borning from your hands –
From squeezing my handbreadth, wrist and an elbow,
Consolidating your fingers’ knots on my hand
And then touching my red cheek with your fist.
You smiled saying:
You’ve got some sun, darling.

Yes, love, I got burned under your heating up lamp,
That’s what I would like to answer, but it was too early to realize it myself.
As if I was keeping my fire matches for myself in order not to burn them all
At once, in order not to transform the sun into solarium.

It’s just the beginning of our light stretch.
When time becomes flatten and flows in
The horizon of sunset.
The beginning.
When motorways of light years are finally crossing
And allowing us to encounter each other.