Podcast Mermaids and Dragons



“Mermaids and Dragons” is the Lithuanian National Radio podcast hosted by Gabrielė Labanauskaitė. This talk show focuses on lively conversations with exciting and thrilling people, anybody from a mechanic to a philosopher. The aim of this podcast is to harness a story-telling in the unusual way and introduce the audience with the creative challenges faced by the individuals of different occupations.

Nuotrauka: Justinas Stacevičius, lrt.lt
Gabrielė interviews people on topics such as culture, social norms, creativity and inspiration. All these impeccable individual stories are somehow connected; they reveal a common footprint in the psyche of urban and global mythologies and the worlds of fantasy and imagination.
As a writer herself Gabrielė chooses quite an informal way to conduct the conversation; she prefers telling a story rather than exhausting a guest with a ton of questions. Every podcast has the same framing: it begins with a story about the guest and the guest can comment on the story pointing where fiction overtakes the reality.
In the end of podcast guests share a piece of advice on how to boost creativity or confess what inspires them personally and keeps on a track of creative thinking. It can come to literally anything: maybe somebody regain his/her creative energy by walking home backwards, others might practice automatic writing in the mornings or always do the dishes before beginning an important project.

Whatever works, because creativity knows no limit.


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