How to write a novel?


You’ve wanted to write a novel for a long time, but…
You have already started.
You promised so many times to work on a larger piece, but…
You’ve been planning to write a novel for so long that it’s time to push all BUT aside! Let’s start writing a novel together.

During the course, in a disciplined way, working individually and in groups, knowledge about writing a larger work and the necessary skills will be deepened.

This course is for those who are determined to write up to 30 pages during the course. scope work, which can then be independently extended. The course will also be useful for those who are halfway through writing a piece, but when faced with a creative block or laziness, they can no longer continue writing.

Course duration: 32 academic hours

This course is special in that:
– takes place in a small group;
– is consistent and long-lasting, lasting 3 months;
– a disciplined habit of writing is developed;
– getting acquainted with the literature intended for writing a novel, the basics of character creation and structure;
– writes a lot and consistently;
– provides feedback on the idea and plan of the novel and notes up to 30 pages. volume for the text of the novel;
– at the end of the course, you will receive personal feedback about your work;
– participants who attend at least 50% of classes will receive a diploma;
– if you miss the session, you will be able to view the video material;

Those who have already written one or more large-scale works and are looking for feedback are recommended to apply for individual consultations or wait for the novel improvement and content editing course.


The dates of the courses can be found by e-mail → [email protected] or in social media ➡ IŠ TYLOS