Do you want to write but don’t feel confident yet? Do you have inner critics constantly nagging you? Do you dream of writing a longer piece, but before that you would like to test your ability in a shorter genre? Have an idea, but don’t know how to “dress” it yet?

The short and effective short prose course WRITE IN ONE WAY is just for you. Attend doc. Dr. Come and realize your idea in the course led by Gabriele Labanauskaitė and writer Jurga Tumasonytė!

The short prose course is intended for stubborn people not only to acquire theoretical knowledge but also to achieve a result – to write a short story of up to 3 pages. volume work, which can be discussed with the course lecturers.

Course duration: 12 academic hours


• about the most interesting genres of short prose;
• how to create atmosphere and how it relates to different genres of short prose;
• what is being thrifty with the language and why each sentence is important;
• how to search for topics when you only have a thought or a mood;
• how to develop the characters and their language;
• what structure can be most effective for a short work and why a good ending is important;
• why conflict can be the driving force of a work;
• where you can print or publish your work.
• will answer the questions asked and give various practical writing tasks and tips.
• we will read aloud the submitted work
• we will examine how a piece of short prose can be edited and improved
• personal feedback will be provided and questions will be answered


• get acquainted with the theory of short prose;
• lecturers will share practical advice;
• personal feedback is provided up to 3 pages. for scope text;
• participants who attend at least 50% of classes will receive a diploma;
• if you miss the session, you will be able to view the video material;
• you can freely adjust your participation form (watch recordings, participate live, etc.)


Gabrielė Labanauskaitė is a poet, dramatist, and writer with many years of experience in teaching creative writing both in Lithuanian higher education institutions and abroad. in 2013 Gabriele Labanauskaitė’s scholarly monograph “Dramatika”, which explores contemporary narratives, appeared, and in 2022, a collection of plays “Dramas”, published by the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore in Lithuanian and English. in 2023 nominated for the “Boris Dauguvietis earring” award for searching for new forms of stage expression.

Jurga Tumasonytė is a prose writer who has published 4 books and actively collaborates in various cultural publications and portals. In 2020, Tumasonytė’s short story collection “Mermaids” was included in the twelve most creative books of the year and was awarded the Jurga Ivanauskaitė prize. Jurga’s texts have been translated into Estonian, Latvian, German, Russian, Croatian and English.

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Poetry course


When talking about poetry, writer Virginia Woolf said that the purpose of a poet is to describe honestly and accurately a world that, as a possible thing, never existed for any person. Each poem, sonnet or haiku is a separate universe where all laws obey the imagination of the poet. However, how to open the gates to those unknown worlds with the help of words, rhyme, rhythm, language tools alone?

In this course, Assoc. Dr. Gabrielė Labanauskaitė will help tame poetry to those who are afraid of it, and will introduce those who are already skilled to the techniques and intricacies of this literary genre. Aušra Kaziliūnaitė, the author of 6 poetry books, whose work has received numerous national and international awards, will lead one of the course sessions.

Lenght: 21 academic hours


  • you will open the door of poetry, which will give space for creativity to spread and help you in difficult moments of life;
  • you will get to know the diversity of poetry genres and the uniqueness of each of them;
  • you will play in rhyme and rhythm;
  • you will get to know the fastidious Miss Metaphor and other decorations of speech better;
  • you will test the methods of creating poetry and develop your writing skills;
  • you will create, read and generally increase your understanding of what poetry is;
  • at the end of the course you will receive personal feedback about your creation;
  • if you miss the session, you will be able to view the video material;
  • you will expand the circle of creative like-minded people.


What makes this creative writing course different from other similar courses?

  • this is the only poetry writing course in Lithuania so far;
  • the course program is special in its completeness and in-depth study of the material, enriched with many practical exercises and advice;
  • you will create together in a small group;
  • the course is playfully led by the poet and playwright Gabrielė Labanauskaitė, and feedback will be provided by the poet Aušra Kaziliūnaitė, who has published six books of poetry.


I would describe this first poetry course as very comprehensive. It was very interesting and meaningful to get acquainted with the structures, formulas, and possibilities of creating poetry, while at the same time allowing to feel the absence of those boundaries. Inventive tasks, as always, awakened creativity, encouraged independent work, and perfectly filled our time with poetry. And also the feedback that Aušra Kaziliūnaitė gave us in the last lecture was extremely interesting and rich in all senses. – Sandra Sparnaitiene

During this course, I received structured, clearly, and interestingly conveyed knowledge about poetry, different styles and genres. Gabriele also always provides tools that help you create and enable you to work independently. I am so grateful for all the fellowship, inspiration, support, and encouragement to move along my path. During these trainings, it was a great joy to hear the feedback of writer, teacher, poet Aušra Kaziliūnaitė about my work and that of other training participants. Such support helps a lot and encourages me to feel more confident in creating poetry. – Justina Butkutė


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How to write a novel?


You’ve wanted to write a novel for a long time, but…
You have already started.
You promised so many times to work on a larger piece, but…
You’ve been planning to write a novel for so long that it’s time to push all BUT aside! Let’s start writing a novel together.

During the course, in a disciplined way, working individually and in groups, knowledge about writing a larger work and the necessary skills will be deepened.

This course is for those who are determined to write up to 30 pages during the course. scope work, which can then be independently extended. The course will also be useful for those who are halfway through writing a piece, but when faced with a creative block or laziness, they can no longer continue writing.

Course duration: 32 academic hours

This course is special in that:
– takes place in a small group;
– is consistent and long-lasting, lasting 3 months;
– a disciplined habit of writing is developed;
– getting acquainted with the literature intended for writing a novel, the basics of character creation and structure;
– writes a lot and consistently;
– provides feedback on the idea and plan of the novel and notes up to 30 pages. volume for the text of the novel;
– at the end of the course, you will receive personal feedback about your work;
– participants who attend at least 50% of classes will receive a diploma;
– if you miss the session, you will be able to view the video material;

Those who have already written one or more large-scale works and are looking for feedback are recommended to apply for individual consultations or wait for the novel improvement and content editing course.


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